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Schoolworx is a modern student administration system that assists teachers, support teams and educational leaders to provide the best outcomes for students and parents through easy access and management of an extensive range of student information, anytime, anywhere!

--- Managing Learners Better ---

Schoolworx is a true cloud-based student management system for all schools (K-12) that can accommodate large numbers of schools in a secure environment.   Designed as a school-focused web application, Schoolworx delivers crucial information about your students when you need it.

Schoolworx provides easy (secured) access, intuitive data entry, extensive reporting and analysis, that allows educators to better track and report on a broad range of issues.   Identify 'at risk' learners, high achievers, and provide detailed data analysis in key areas such as attendance, behaviour, welfare and academic performance.   Support teams can access and update information across schools in a secure, centrally managed environment.   Compliance officers can move seamlessly between schools with only one click, and quickly generate performance reports for all schools.

As a powerful tool which streamlines processes, improves accountability, and provides sophisticated data analysis, Schoolworx is the must-have student management system in the modern educational environment.

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Schoolworx Brochure

Schoolworx provides the ability to easily manage and access the summary and detail student information anytime, anywhere!  Schoolworx identifies issues early and streamlines communication for teachers, students, parents. Click here to download our brochure and read how Schoolworx Student Management will work for you.


Provides a centralised platform to manage wellbeing, attendance, learning and performance for school communities.

Enhances student management with an extensive range of tools that suit the modern educational environment.

Supplies a broad range of information to teachers, support teams, leadership, students and parents.

Increases access and reporting to a wide range of data for evidence-based decision making.

Improves efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry, automating data updates, and removing unnecessary processes.

Streamlines communication and reporting for teachers, support teams and leadership.

Equips leadership with the tools to boost reliability and accountability while improving workflows and decision processes.

Extends data analysis capability and reporting using a comprehensive set of tools.

Simplifies management and permits easy auditing and compliance checking without intrusion.

Delivers uncompromising performance with proven reliability and powerful data processing.

Lowers training costs with intuitive interface designs making it very quick and easy to learn for new users.

Reduces total cost of ownership by replacing multiple applications with a fully integrated system.