Primary School Reports

The Schoolworx PS Reports is designed as a progressive mark book and reporting system where results are entered throughout the semester (and year).  Reports can be generated at anytime and published to the Student and Parent Portals.

Schoolworx PS Reports is a true multi-user application where users can see results entered in by other teachers in real-time (similar to the way Google docs works).  The mark book is intended to be used throughout the year by a number of teachers working on a single cohort report.

Result recording revolves around a mark book design with pages, columns (of marks) and classes in each book, etc.  Subjects have their own pages within the same mark book, and columns can be added and removed, grades scales can be standardised or customised as required.  Formulas can be used to calculate results across a range of tasks.  Report comments can be written directly into the mark book alongside the results for the students. 

Multiple classes (from the same cohort) can be accommodated in the one mark book with security over data entry based upon teachers of classes. Control allows sections to be locked by admins. Locking of sections such pages, columns and classes avoids inadvertent loss of important data.

The management module includes a section detailing missing and completed results, which is useful before generating the reports, along with a brief summary of results.

Reports can be directly emailed home to parents from within the application thus avoiding separately downloading reports and using external email clients.

Learning Activities can be published to the portals, and the results of those activities also published, all within the same mark book.

Results can be analysed using the builtin charting features to compare performance across different subjects for individual students and across the cohort.

Low and high achievers can be easily identified, and students with personalised learning plans can be accommodated both during the entering of results and the publishing of reports.