Schoolworx - Attendance performs all of the functions that teachers and administration need to record, notify and report student attendance for both daily and period attendance*. 

Using an efficient easy-to-use roll marking system, teachers can quickly complete the daily roll call and/or period attendance for their classes.  They can see, at the time of roll marking, which students should be present in class and review the reasons for those that are absent for part or all of the day.

The office staff can quickly and easily send out SMS messages or emails notifying parents/carers about absences, late arrivals or any other events, and process SMS responses directly within the attendance system immediately giving teachers up-to-the-moment information on the whereabouts of students.

Administrators can view the list of daily rolls being recorded in real time and review which period-attendance rolls have been marked and those that haven't.  Teachers can check both daily and period attendance in class and year group lists.

Front-desk administration functions are available for quick processing of late students using barcode scanners and printing of late notes.  Amendments can be made to attendance records during the day as required and follow up student absences after receiving real-time parent responses from SMS notifications in Schoolworx.  Emergency (paper-based) rolls can be quickly generated with the most recent daily and period attendance data shown on the rolls to enable accurate sight roll marking for evacuations, etc.

Using the builtin email capabilities, administration can follow up repeated and unexplained absences simply by clicking a button to generate letters and sending them home by email.  At a glance, administrators can quickly identify patterns of poor attendance for individual students allowing plans to be put in place to improve attendance outcomes.

* Under state requirements for recording attendance, high schools are usually required to perform roll marking for both daily and period attendance while primary schools are generally required to perform roll marking only for daily attendance. (Note: these requirements vary between states in Australia.)