Mark Books

Schoolworx mark books are highly-advanced flexible systems, focused on complex recording and reporting roles required in the modern educational environment. Using a intuitive interface, the mark books can easily accomplish a comprehensive range of tasks without compromising performance.

Two specialist mark book systems are available.

  • For primary schools : Schoolworx PS Reports,
  • For high schools : Schoolworx Marks.

Teachers can create mark books from existing mark books or create new mark books for classes and define columns for assignments and tests.   Mark books includes formulas to meet the most challenging calculations and statistical requirements.

Results can be reviewed using sophisticated analytics tools within the mark book systems. Identify low performance and high achievers using user-defined criteria. View the results from comparative and group performance using the builtin charting tools.

Schoolworx can publish Learning Activities into the student and parent portals, and allow teachers to publish the results of those activities, all within the same mark book.

For primary school reporting - Schoolworx PS Reports can publish formal reports directly using MS Word templates and have them available for parents to download in the portal. (For more details see Primary School Reports)

For high school reporting - Schoolworx Marks is integrated with Schoolworx - Reports allowing multiple faculty-based mark books to publish to the same report, thus eliminating the need to enter grades, outcomes and other performance results manually.