Schoolworx - Core provides access to school and student information, class lists and timetable information (for high schools), assessment calendars, resource booking, integrated SMS messaging and email.  This module is designed to connect to external resources such as enrolment systems, timetable programs, SMS text messaging systems and Email systems to provide a rich integrated workspace for staff to manage day-to-day activities within their schools.

The Core provides an extensive platform to bring together a wide range of elements of school operations.  This involves integrating data from enrolment systems, sharing resources, accessing calendars provided by Schoolworx (and/or external calendars such as Google or Outlook), providing student lists for classes and year level cohorts, and in high schools, providing integration with timetable data to display staff, student, class and room timetables.

Behind the scenes, Schoolworx enables a wide range of data to be seamlessly moved around the system using a high-performance integration engine that manages all data in and out of the system.  Connection to SMS text messaging allows schools to send a variety of messages to parents such as attendance issues, emergency notifications, medical concerns, or simply general broadcast style messages.  Emails can be sent from within Schoolworx to parents and students using information provided by a variety of sources such as enrolment data.  Support is provided for SIF and LISS standards that enables full integration with the new systems that now appear in the educational space.

Attendance and Wellbeing (shown as separate Schoolworx modules) are provided as seamless fully integrated modules in the Core so that users can navigate between various sections quickly and within the same user environment. (Refer to the specific modules for more details.)