High School Reports

Schoolworx Reports simplifies report generation and provides web-based access to current and archived Reports.

Schoolworx Reports designed for a wide range of reporting in high schools, uses a flexible template driven report generator fully integrated with student records, classes, marks and attendance information. Teachers only need to enter subject outcome statements through a secure web-based application from home or school.  Administrators can control the reporting process including data entry start and closing dates. Various display formats are available for teachers, subject coordinators and principals to easily check report details and detect missing results or comments prior to publishing.

Subject grades are automatically incorporated from available results in the mark book or grades can be entered manually.  Summary Attendance data can be displayed on the report.  Published reports are generated in PDF format for easy retrieval and archiving and are made available in the student and parent portals.  When published and/or printed, each student receives an individual report based upon the subjects and classes that they are enrolled in.

Report layout is controlled by a single editable template.  Each report has its own template which can be adapted as required.  Reports are generally cohort based meaning that each year group would normally be reported as set of results within the same reporting period.  The templates are designed to cater for a wide range of reporting options, including mainstream academic, special learning (including life skills), and VET reporting - all within the one report.

Other report types are also available, such as ongoing participation and application logs which produce an overall performance result across multiple academic areas, and a certificate (using Word templates) that can be printed and/emailed home from within the application.